Dr Kristofer Chan

SPECIALISMS: Satellite Remote Sensing, Open-source Hardware, Ecology, Development and Hydropolitics

Kris is currently a Lecturer of Physical Geography (Education) in the Geography Department, King's College London

When he is not teaching, he spends his time researching environmental change in the Colombian Páramo, Mekong Basin or in the Lower Omo basin, Ethiopia.

Kris is fascinated by new technologies and techniques; he is a passionate advocate for Open-source hardware, Google Earth Engine and other open-source advancements. His love for environmental science motivated him to set up Remote-Research to share his experience with students and citizen scientists.

Whilst the site is his coding playground, he also hopes it will help bridge the divide between researchers and the public, whilst inspiring other academics to develop interactive content.

Projects Kris has been involved with:



Fellowship in Higher Education (August 2018)

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education (PGCAPHE)
Modules: Module Design; Technology Enhanced Learning; Enhancing Academic Practice


Remote Sensing

Research has involved both multi-spectral satellite imagery and SAR-based satellites

Land Trend Analysis

Proficient with use of LandTrendr in Google EarthEngine and precursor IDL version (including use of LandsatLinkR)


Avid GIS user experienced in QGIS, Google EarthEngine, ENVI, ArcMap & SAGA GIS.
Cartographic experience including map production for Transboundary Water Politics in the Developing World and The Borders of "Europe": Autonomy of Migration, Tactics of Bordering

Social Science Methodologies

Experience of interview and focus-group based research, including conducting >120 interviews in Thailand, Lao PDR & Myanmar with the use of translators, and assisting interviews and participatory mapping in Ethiopia.

Fieldwork Qualifications

First Aid

Outdoor First Aid (RQF Level 3) & Emergency First Responder

PADI Rescue Diver

Accomplished diver, undertaken 100+ research dives including working as team scientist on DU CARE - the largest contributor to Reefcheck in 2008.
Additional PADI diving qualifications include Altitude, Cavern, Drysuit, and night diving. Experienced of using lift-bags to deploy reef-building substrates

Winter Climbing

Keen mountain climber. Recent climbs include summiting Mount Kazbek, Georgia (5,047m) and glacier trekking in Tajikistan. Skills include glacial route-finding, backcountry skiing, trad climbing, avalanche rescue and ropework.


Open-source Environmental Sensor Design

Regularly help design and deploy low cost & open source environmental sensors. Recent projects involve delivering sensors to the Tanzanian Development Trust. Currently low-cost well depth probes for WaterAid.

Web Design

Proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript-based web-design. Websites include remote-research.org, strifeblog.org and porelparamo.net (forthcoming). Frameworks used: Wordpress, Bootstrap.



PhD Candidate
Department of Geography, King's College London

Environmental Impacts of Hydroelectric Dams in Southeast Asia

Research investigates the ‘enigmatic’ environmental impacts of dams (i.e. those less nuanced, harder to detect and which are often indirectly resultant from the altered socioecological system). My research interests include: freshwater ecosystems and functioning; aquatic resource management, hydropolitics; environmental impact assessment; and satellite remote sensing. My thesis specifically focuses on three iconic dam case studies in the region: Pak Mun (Thailand), Nam Theun 2 (Laos), and the Lower Paunglaung (Myanmar). The multidisciplinary nature of the research (at the interface of development and the environment) was reflected by joint ESRC/NERC funding.


MSc Conservation
Department of Geography, University College London

Developed a strong scientific grounding in ecology, resources, policy, and management, with a particular emphasis upon aquatic environments.


BSc Geography
Department of Geography, Durham University

Provided a broad understanding on human and environmental issues. Kris undertook both human and physical Geography modules throughout his degree.

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