Arduino Tutorials


Pro Mini BME680 Logger

Below are the files you will need for the ‘Build your own Arduino logger’ practicals

BME680 test logger (Right click & save!)

BME680 sleeping logger (Right click & save!)


Arduino Nano Logger

Below is a quick example of how to connect and write to a microSD breakout module.

The Arduino ‘sketch’ (code) below saves the uncalibrated temperature from the ATmega328 processor every second. It creates a CSV file with sample number and uncalibrated temperature.

The code itself can be used as a basis for your own loggers.



Connect your Arduino Nano to the micro SD card module like so:

Ensure you have inserted a microSD card and have connected the Arduino Nano via USB


To upload the sketch:

  1. Download the Arduino Nano Logger Sketch (Right click & save!)
  2. Open the file with the Arduino software
  3. If you do not have the SdFat library (by default, the Arduino software will not), install this:
    • To download, click “Clone or download” > Download ZIP from the SdFat library Github page
    • To install the library, from the top toolbar on the Arduino software click Sketch > Include Library> Add .ZIP Library then bavigate to library
  4. Upload the ‘sketch’
  5. Open up serial monitor and review the results